Mobile applications testing

One of the most important stages in creating a mobile application is testing. There is a misconception that tests should be carried out after the application is developed and ready to run. In practice, test procedures are carried out at each stage of development. This approach provides quality and allows you to find and correct errors in the process of creating a mobile product.

EvApps is careful in testing the applications it creates. Thanks to this, ready-made mobile products work reliably and stably on various types of devices and meet user expectations.

Goals for testing mobile apps

43% of users say they will never return to the application if they once get a negative experience of interacting with the application. This means any mistake or problem like a long download will cost you customers. And if dissatisfied users also begin to leave negative reviews in the app stores, this will harm the brand's reputation. Careful testing of mobile applications before launch will help eliminate these risks.

Types of mobile application testing

Testing a mobile application is a complex task, which takes from several days to several months to complete. Unlike web or computer applications, mobile applications run on different devices, deal with sensor elements and several data networks. This requires a serious approach to tests and taking into account many scenarios.

To ensure the quality of the application, the specialists use manual, automated and mixed tests when testing. Manual testing is used to check the functionality and study the application in various situations: incoming calls, SMS, alerts, low battery, etc. Automated testing allows you to detect errors in the software and is suitable for tests that require considerable time and money.

There are several types of testing that must necessarily be carried out at different stages of application development.

  • Usability testing

It allows you to understand how the application turned out to be intuitive, easy to use, whether there are functions that can be improved. Usability testing is carried out manually and in most cases involving a focus group.

  • Interface testing

Unlike usability testing, the focus here is on technical aspects: the work of menu items, buttons, bookmarks, settings, navigation.

  • Functionality testing

As part of this type of testing, all the functionality of the application is checked.

  • Testing compatibility with various devices

Conducted to find out how the application works on different models of smartphones and tablets, as displayed on screens with different sizes and resolutions, as far as it is supported by existing versions of the Android OS, iOS or Windows.

  • Testing external services

This type of test is conducted to ensure that the mobile product works correctly with external services online and offline.

  • Performance testing

Allows you to understand how the application works with continuous use, behaves in different networks (Edge, 3G, 4G, WiFi), etc. As part of the performance analysis, memory usage and battery consumption of the mobile device are also estimated when working with the application.

  • Security testing

It is aimed at identifying threats and vulnerabilities, because of which attackers can gain access to personal data of users and information stored on a mobile device.

  • Testing install and uninstall

Allows you to identify errors that may occur when installing or removing the application on different devices.

  • Regression testing

Aimed at detecting errors in parts of the code when making changes to the program. Regression testing checks whether updates of the functions or correction of errors led to the appearance of new bugs.

We conduct testing at each stage of creating applications.

EvApps knows that due to the high competition in the application market, it is important to guarantee the high quality of mobile products. Our company provides testing services for mobile applications, including those developed by third-party companies. Order the creation and testing of a mobile application with us and get a safe, reliable and high-quality product that meets all the requirements of your business.

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