Application Development for ANDROID

We have been developing mobile applications for the Android OS since 2002. During this time, we have accumulated experience that allows us to perform interesting and at the same time complex tasks. The result of our work is the creation and launch of more than 30 applications for different areas of business.

Our team are programmers with experience in developing applications of any complexity, and attentive managers who will answer all your questions related to application development in detail. To do this, please contact us by phone or leave a message on the site.

The benefits of mobile applications for Android

Mobile applications are not only a modern trend, but also a necessity that opens up wide opportunities for the business. Why you need a mobile app:

  • Creating a positive image of the company. The presence of an application for a smartphone or tablet says that you are aware of modern IT solutions and make the use of your customer's services as convenient as possible
  • Increase the number of sales. According to our customers, the launch and operation of a mobile application can significantly increase subsequent sales of goods and services
  • Online customer support. Using a mobile application allows you to keep up to date with your customers about new services and special offers as often as you need.
  • Increase customer loyalty. With the mobile application, you can provide additional offers to your customers, etc.

Our Customers

We develop applications for customers from different business areas. At the same time, to each customer our product helps to improve interaction with customers, raise the prestige of the company and increase sales of goods or services.

Stages of developing mobile applications for Android

Creating a mobile application is a process in which every step is important.

  1. Filling the brief and composing the TOR.
    From this stage it depends on how quickly and qualitatively the development for Android will be performed. The more you fill out the brief, the more we will have general information and small details that will allow us to implement the project as accurately as possible.
  2. Prototyping
    This is a kind of draft version of the future application. At this point, you will see in general outline how it works and looks in terms of design.
  3. Developing application code.
    At this stage, our programmers create the application using the optimal programming language and layouts developed by the designer. The result is an almost complete project.
  4. Testing.
    This stage is necessary to identify errors, improve erformance, functionality, application interface.
  5. Release the pre-release version. This is a full-fledged working version of the application, which is necessary for the final determination of possible errors and shortcomings in the work.
  6. Delivery of the finished application. After eliminating all the roughnesses, we give the client a completely ready-to-use application that can be uploaded to the application stores.

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