Mobile application development: process, cost

The longest and most important stage in creating a mobile application is development. It is at this stage that your idea becomes reality, the design gets real functionality, and the interface prototype turns into a working product. But in order to get a reliable, scalable application, an experienced development team and a step-by-step approach to implementation are required.

How does the application development process

Application development is a complex and time-consuming process. Depending on scope and requirements project development requires a basic or extended team of specialists. The composition of the main teams typically include a project manager, a UI / UX designer, several programmers and an engineer quality assurance. If the application needs to develop server-side and API, to the command joins backend developer and web developer.

The very process of developing an application is similar to the process of creating websites and consists of many cycles. Each cycle includes:

  • planning, during which developers estimate the amount of work and the time required to complete each task, distributes the workload;
  • writing different parts of the code to implement the styles and functionality of the application;
  • testing, which is carried out after the completion of each task;
  • making improvements and correcting errors in case of detection of problems.

Each development phase is repeated and repeated until the mobile application is finally ready, fully tested and submitted to the customer.

What determines the cost of application development

One of the issues that concerns mobile application customers: how much will it cost? It is impossible to answer this question on the fly without finding out the details of the product you want to get at the exit. The cost of developing an application consists of several components. The main factor here is the amount of time spent on development. The more complex the application's functionality, the more time it will take to implement it, and therefore the cost will increase.

Factors affecting the development time and cost of the application

The calculation of the final cost of the product and the development time is influenced by three main factors. An application project may have different degrees of technical complexity, require a server part, integrate with the API, and be supported by different devices and versions of operating systems.

  • Technical difficulty

    There are a variety of functions that increase the technical complexity of the project:

    • integration with third-party libraries and services, for example, for the implementation of payment functions or chats;
    • backend development and server configuration;
    • the implementation of purchases through the application;
    • development of an administrative panel for content management and statistics collection;
    • the use of components in the application, such as GPS, heart rate sensors, accelerometers, etc.

    Any additional functionality increases the technical complexity of the development, requires finding the right approach and testing various components with software. This increases the development time and, accordingly, the final cost of the application.

  • Client development

    The interface is what users end up interacting with. In order for the functionality stated in the technical assignment document to work without errors and to justify user expectations, it is necessary to take into account a large number of different factors and implement all this with the help of code.

  • Number of devices and OS

    Modern smartphones have different characteristics and parameters. Adaptation of the application for different screen sizes, resolutions, specifications requires considerable time. This problem is especially acute when it comes to developing an application for the Android platform. The market for Android smartphones is represented by a variety of manufacturers. Developing an application that will work equally well on most Android devices is a complex and costly task. To optimize costs, it makes sense to evaluate the most popular models in your market, operating system versions, and only support them.

    Less devices work on iOS than on Android, so often the price of creating an application for iOS may be lower. In order not to increase the cost of development, it is enough that the application is compatible with the latest and several previous versions of the iPhone and supports several recent versions of iOS.

How to calculate the cost of mobile application development services

If we take into account the main factors affecting the development time, then all applications can be conditionally divided into three categories: simple, medium complexity and very complex.

The cost of mobile applications, depending on the degree of complexity

Difficulty Specifications Time in hours Cost
Simplest Standard user interface components, no API integration, there is no server part. Up to 600 From 500 thousand rubles
Medium complexity Standard and customizable user interface functions, integration with API, server side. Up to 1000 From 1 million rubles
Stronger Adaptation for various screen sizes, integration with third-party services, complex server part, advanced functionality. More then 1000 From 2 million rubles
Difficulty Simplest
Specifications Standard user interface components, no API integration, missing server hour
Time in hours Up to 600
Cost From 500 thousand rubles
Difficulty Medium difficulty
Specifications Standard and customizable user interface features, integration with API, server side.
Time in hours Up to 1000
Cost From 1 million rubles
Difficulty Difficult
Specifications Adaptation for various screen sizes, integration with third-party services, complex server part, extended functionality.
Time in hours More than 1000
Cost From 2 million rubles

Simple mobile apps usually include some basic features, standard user interface components do not require integration with third-party APIs. On their development can go up to 600 hours, and the cost starts from 500 thousand rubles.

Applications medium difficulty include customizable user interface features, integration with API-interfaces and server part. The creation of such applications requires up to 1000 hours Their price starts from 1 million rubles.

Complex applications have advanced functionality, integration with third-party services, complex server part, administrative panel and much more. The term for creating such applications is more than 1000 hours, and often much more. The cost of developing complex applications range from 2 million rubles and can reach tens of millions.

How we estimate the cost of developing an application

Калькулятор с зелеными кнопками

Given the complexity and complexity of the development, the absence of a fixed price for the creation of a mobile applications, many customers are afraid that in the end they will have to pay for the work several times more than they originally planned. In fact, this situation may arise if only the customer decides to change the concept, design and functionality in the process of product development.

Before invoicing, we always make a rough estimate of the project. We define the estimated number of hours required to develop a product in accordance with the TK, description, specifications. When a customer approves the approximate cost of development, we proceed for a more detailed analysis of the project: determine the requirements for each planned volume works, we design and layouts to show the customer how the application for iOS will look or Android.

We guarantee that the finished application will be developed within the agreed functionality and approved budget.

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