Mobile app publishing

The mobile application is ready, repeatedly tested and approved by the customer. The time has come publications in app stores . The process of placing the finished product in the Appstore and Google Play is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. Publishing the app requires no less. preparation than design and development.

How to publish mobile app in Google Play and Apple Appstore

Studying Application Store Requirements

Before you can upload your iOS or Android product to app stores, carefully read the application instructions and make sure your application complies with the rules of the sites.

Create a developer account

To download apps on Google Play and the Appstore, you need a account developer in each of the platforms. To create an account, fill out all the forms and pay $ 99 contribution to Apple and $ 25 to Google.

Submit application for review

Google Play


The process of sending an application to the Appstore is rather complicated. You need to create a unique product ID, generate a certificate using Xcode and fill in a few forms. Only after that the application can be sent for review.

Google Play

The process of submitting for review on Google Play is similar. You sign the final version of the application and fill out several forms in which you specify:

  • unique application name;
  • product description;
  • Owner's name;
  • add application icon and screenshots;
  • Download privacy policy.


After sending to the app stores, project verification takes place. Check and testing is carried out using algorithms (Google), and manually (at Apple and Google). If the application violates the requirements of the sites, it has problems with performance, contains spam or errors, the publication will be rejected.

How to speed up the publication of the application

If desired, any owner of a mobile product can independently deal with the process. and publish the app. To do this, carefully study the technical manuals in Google Play and Appstore and create developer accounts in each of the platforms.

If you want to to speed up the publication, to avoid possible errors and deviations when checking, we We will provide professional support and help with the launch of your application. our company He has extensive experience in the development and publication of mobile products. Contact us to ask questions and get advice right now.

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