Mobile application support and development

After the publication of the mobile application, work with it does not end there. With time there is a need to add new features, change existing features, fix bugs and vulnerabilities . Our company provides support services and service ready mobile projects after their launch.

Why the mobile application needs support:

Applications need maintenance and support for several reasons:

  • Every month new devices appear on the market, old versions of applications may not work on them correctly;
  • iOS and Android versions are updated annually, the release of updates for mobile products allows you to maintain compatibility with operating systems;
  • Over time, there is a need to improve the interface in accordance with the needs of users;
  • The emergence of technology (fingerprint scanning, Face ID, etc.) requires release application updates, as users expect to see new features in mobile products;
  • From year to year the number of crimes related to the theft of personal and financial information increases users. Rapidly addressing vulnerabilities and updating encryption protocols will allow avoid security problems.

We offer our customers professional solutions to keep their applications fast, reliable, useful and functional.

Application support in our company includes the following types of services:

  • Diagnostics of the application;
  • Monitoring errors, their correction;
  • Performance optimization;
  • Improving user experience by making changes to the interface and adding new functionality;
  • Data transfer from one server to another;
  • Increased stability;
  • Development of updates that ensure compatibility of the application with the latest versions of operating systems and new devices.

Our specialists are competent to provide quality project support after launch. Regardless of whether the product was developed by us or by third-party companies, we guarantee efficient work and reliable results.