Project Planetarium


At the time of development, the Moscow Planetarium already had a website. The main tasks of Evapps were not just the development and integration of a new design, but the complete processing and restructuring of existing information to achieve the following objectives set by the customer:

  • Increasing the volume of primary sales by attracting new customers and increasing conversion,
  • Increase in repeated and complex sales;
  • The launch of new services and products,
  • Increase marginality - work on the image,
  • Raising awareness,
  • Increase the loyalty of visitors.

Before the team was a complex task, divided into the following stages:

  1. Analytics and development of the concept of information delivery

  2. Creating a Design Project

  3. Development and integration

Analytics and development of the concept of information delivery.

Specialists of the company conducted a marketing analysis of the current site of the Moscow Planetarium, as well as sites of leaders in Russia and abroad, related topics. An analysis of behavioral factors with the use of web-master tools from Yandex was carried out, the main groups of the target audience of the Planetarium services were identified.

On the basis of the collected data, a new concept of information delivery was created, meeting not only the requirements of modern web design, but also the client's desire to preserve the available data and "personalize" recommendations for services and products for specific target audience groups, formulated recommendations for creating a new design project.

Creating a Design Project

Based on the recommendations made and the brand book of the Moscow Planetarium, using the modern adaptive design technology Bootstrap 4, a new design project of the site was developed.

User interfaces were created using UI / UX design practices.

Development and integration

The company's developers have integrated the finished design project with one of the most popular content management systems - 1C Bitrix.

In addition, the following works were implemented in the development process:

  1. Integration with the service of selling the services of the Planetarium - PrimePass, to automate the unloading of the Planetarium programs, and also the schedule of sessions.

  2. The opportunity to purchase tickets for sessions in the Planetarium without the transition to another site, located on a subdomain to the main site of the Planetarium.

  3. Created a unique billboard functionality.

  4. Adjusted adaptability for modern mobile devices.

  5. An interactive scheme of halls was designed and integrated with the 1C Bitrix system.

  6. The English version of the site is developed

  7. Integration of the version module for people with vision impairment has been carried out.

The information from the current site was completely saved and transferred.


The new solution significantly facilitated interaction with the site not only for the end user, but also for administrators and content managers. The number of steps that need to be reproduced to the user from the moment of getting to the site, until the moment of purchasing any service, has been reduced. The logic of posting information and navigating the site has become easier and more intuitive. Adaptivity has made it easier to understand information from mobile devices. There was synchronization of the site with the service PrimePass, which allowed to reduce the number of manually entered information, and to integrate the purchase of tickets online directly to the site of the Moscow Planetarium, without transitions to intermediary sites.

The modern design solution allowed not only visualizing the information, but also arranging the correct accents - do not dissipate the user's attention, but concentrate it in the right places. Proper use of the UI / UX design was aimed at ensuring that the "sale" of the service began directly through the interface and that the client was smoothly conducted from the "entry point" to the site to the ultimate goal of ordering or purchasing a Planetarium service.


The main wish of the client was the use of the content management system 1C-Bitrix. The goal of the development was to simplify the interaction with the content of the site, while preserving all the nuances of information display.

Technologies used:

  1. CMS 1C-Bitrix
  2. Php 7.1, MySQL, JS, JQuery, AJAX
  3. HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 4