Project Idex

IDEX is an application for quick exchange of contacts and their preservation in the long term. A network contact book or a notebook that works by the principle of adding to friends. With IDEX, you will receive your unique IDEX ID, exchanged with friends, colleagues or partners, you will exchange all the necessary contact information for each other, the relevance of which will be taken care of by the owners themselves. IDEX ID can be added to the email signature; with the help of IDEX it is convenient to share contacts, because you do not need to dictate a phone number, e-mail, etc., it is enough to inform only IDEX ID and add a person to friends. IDEX contacts are stored on the server, so they can be downloaded to any mobile device, just enter the application using your IDEX ID. If you forgot your IDEX ID or password, there is a possibility of recovery by e-mail.

Available on iOS and Android