Project Avilon


This project includes the development of a section of the internal corporate portal for viewing reports of various types. AVILON Automobile Group is one of the leading automobile holdings in Russia, has 25 automotive brands in its portfolio and carries out sales, warranty and post-warranty maintenance of cars, as well as the sale of original spare parts and accessories.

At the time of the project, the company's employees have already widely used the corporate portal, but there was a need for a more convenient and effective way of accessing employee reports.


The solution we proposed was the internal configuration of part of the existing portal in order to improve the convenience of interaction with a large number of reports. In view of the new settings, the existing tools for uploading new reports by the employees, as well as indicating all the necessary information about them, were finalized.

Also at the disposal of each user there is a personal section & quot; Favorites & quot ;, in which he can add those reports with which he works most often.


The implementation of the solution significantly increased the convenience of access to the desired reports, provided that the functionality of the portal is still in use. A multilevel menu of companies, brands and groups of reports, as well as an intelligent filter by date fully met expectations.

Important factors are high performance and low load on the server with a large number of processed data.


A new section was added to the existing structure of the corporate Bitrix Portal.

For more effective search and filtering of reports, the properties of the information block have been created, which most closely correspond to the filtering parameters.

Also, Highload-information blocks were used to accelerate the sampling of data from the database.

The partition template was made using adaptive layout.

1. PHP, PhpStorm, 1С-Битрикс: Corporate portal.

2. AJAX.

3. Bootstrap 4.