News of the mobile world for this week, part 2

The digest of news of the mobile world from November 7 to November 11. Part two. Start here.

AI all get smarter

On the one hand, nothing outstanding: Facebook launched the Caffe2Go platform, which is capable of processing video in real time. The same Prisma, only for video. 
On the other hand, technology is a small, but a real breakthrough in the field. If analogs of the program use large data centers for processing (i.e., all our photos are processed on servers, and then sent to us), then the technology is different: the Caffe2Go application uses the resources of the mobile device itself to work.
Zakos video under Dega
The speed of the application has increased many times, and the technology itself is likely to form the basis of many more interesting projects.

More spam god spam!

Sponsored posts appeared on Facebook Messenger. In fact, spam - i.e. The company has provided partners with the ability to send private messages to users. Of course, so that spam does not look like spam, measures have been taken: advertisers are allowed to write only to those users who were the first to start a correspondence.
New Messenger with a taste of advertising!
So be careful when communicating with bots or agents of any organizations. Anything you say can be used against you! And, of course, Facebook provides the ability to block an annoying employer with one click. And this is good! ©

And again Prisma

Not so long ago we mentioned this program. Meanwhile, the company-developer announced a new feature - conducting “filtered” broadcasts via Facebook Live. So far, however, it will be possible to do this only through the iPhone 6S and 7. This is explained by the fact that to complete the work requires large computing power.
The video must be highly artistic!
Personally, we still have little idea what filters can greatly improve video broadcast, but the developers believe that people will like it. It remains only to expect that this will come out.

Shine can now be in Viber 

Viber announced the opening of the so-called "business accounts". In theory, this is another way to facilitate communication between companies and the audience. In practice, it is an analogue of “public pages” in social networks. Those. they can subscribe and receive updates. This is what Michael Shmilov (Viber Operations Director) said about this: “In Viber, people can already safely communicate with their families, friends and colleagues,” added Shmilov. - Today we present a way that allows people to communicate with companies.
Now, Viber has become like Facebook!
The first set of tools will allow companies to connect with their audience on Viber using messages and rich interfaces that can be adapted to the different needs of any company. ”

Alla, Boar? 

Rostelecom, in the best traditions, made "our answer to Chamberlain": the Allau messenger will start working next month, i.e. in December 2016. About this, as reported by RIA Novosti, announced the senior vice president of business development and management of the company, Vladimir Kiriyenko. As Kiriyenko said, the messenger is “This is a classic IP-telephony, that is, when you get a voice service at the expense of the Internet.”
However, there is a feature - the new system will be able to be tied to landline numbers. Simply put, users will be able to receive calls on the home phone via the Internet.