Mobile world news from March 6 to March 12

Windows 10 will initially update on a PC, and then on smartphones.

Now the company-developer blows away the last dust particles from the new large update Windows 10 Creators Update. The functionality and set of changes has already been finally identified, polishing and optimization is underway.   The launch is scheduled for April. The result of this update should (underscore - should) be the next step to synchronize smartphones and PCs. However, one can hardly expect obvious miracles in the near future.


According to the data of the portal Softpedia , initially the update will be aimed at personal computers, and then at all the rest. The very first assembly will receive members of the program Windows Insider.


The mobile application from Yandex has become a universal assistant.

A new version of a mobile assistant from a popular search engine in the Russian Federation has become available for download.

Representatives of the company note that the program is now a universal assistant. This assistant can show shops, cafes and restaurants nearby, as well as clarify the details of their work. This takes into account the season and the current time of day - in a cafe, for example, you can see offers with business lunches.

It is now a universal assistant. This can be a shop where you can find out how to work. For example, you can see offers with business lunches.


However, this is not all. The assistant will also inform about discounts in online stores, movie world news, weather, traffic jams and news. For work in places deprived of the Internet, the application is equipped with a full-fledged offline mode.

Download the application here:




360-degree videos are now supported by Vimeo.

Vimeo (this video service) began to support panoramic videos. Now they can be viewed through the browser, in mobile applications and some virtual reality helmets. For reference, we note that the main competitor Vimeo - YouTube – support for such 360-degree videos appeared 2 years ago.


Vimeo supports up to 8 movie permissionsK, moreover, the service also provides the ability to view both monoscopic and stereoscopic video. The viewer is also equipped with a special compass - an original solution. Vimeofor a new type of commercials. In addition, the project released a series of training videos to create 360-degree content.

You can view new videos through the website, service applications, as well as through the helmets of Zeiss VR One, Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream.

«Mission impossible» от Viber.

Viber creators in the near future, they plan to include in the project so-called “secret chats”, which will become an extension for the previously launched “secret messages”. Recall that the essence of these "secret messages" is the ability to set the viewing time: the sender can choose how long the message and attachments will be available for viewing.

Do not say, but the innovation has seriously expanded the functionality of the messenger, because now it is possible to create the same messages from the “mission impossible” movies - “the message will self-destruct 10 seconds after listening!” Now the protection of correspondence will be at the highest possible level .


Secret chats, which were discussed in the title, further expand the functionality. In them, for example, sending messages to third parties is prohibited, screenshots are blocked, etc.

Innovation will be introduced in the messenger in the coming days.