Mobile world news in the period from 20 to 26 December p.2

Mobile world news digest for this week. Part two. Start SDAs.

Holiday is coming to us!

Since this digest is the last in the past year, we decided to diversify our news a little. This part of the digest is focused on how well-known applications have reacted to the New year and Christmas and what innovations they promise their users in honor of these holidays.

Holiday is coming to us! - Viber

The developer announced a number of additional features in his messenger. The main thing among them - instant video messages.

 video Viber

To explain how it works, you can use the social network "VK". You may have noticed a small microphone next to the "send" button in private messages. This microphone allows you to record a short message and send it to the other person. Here is the same with Viber - but only these messages use not only a microphone, but also a camera. The second addition can be considered integration with third - party services-Giphy, Wikipedia and TheMovieDB. However, we do not think that Russian-speaking users are really interested.

Holiday is coming to us! - Facebook

Social network has released a program that allows a little variety of news feed. In fact, the application inserts into the tape small postcards-reminders related to events in the world, the nearest holidays, etc.

 what if someone forgets that the New year is coming?

Facebook members will receive 18 postcards related to Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza and a number of other holidays. They, of course, can be published on your wall, as well as make comments, descriptions, mark friends, etc.

Holiday is coming to us! - Instagram

Rather, its offshoot - Instagram Stories. In this application, there are stickers and the ability to make quick videos. Actually, stickers can be added to the video immediately - with a slight movement of the hand.

 more stickers to God of stickers!

Stickers, as it turned out, are a product of almost national consumption, and therefore there is no doubt that the initiative will be successful. However, this feature is available only to users of Apple technology.

Holiday is coming to us! - Prisma

Prisma app will soon get its own photo tape. It will be based on a geofilter-that is, the photos selected by the algorithm as a result of the analysis of the user's location will be shown in the tape.

 Likes go by country

"The sent picture can be seen only by people who are nearby, — told Prisma Labs VentureBeat site. - Each like distributes the publication further, expanding the number of people who have this publication appears in the tape. In theory, a user can post a picture, earn likes, and watch his or her publication spread and cover the world."

Among other innovations-the ability to publish full-screen and square photos.

that's it. Administration congratulates everyone on the upcoming holidays and wishes all the best in the new year!