News of the mobile world during the period from December 20 to December 26 p.1

Mobile world news digest for this week. Part one. To be continued here.

Google Maps helps disabled people

Unfortunately, only figuratively. With the new update, the navigation application began to display information about the accessibility of a particular place for people with disabilities. This option will help not only the disabled, but also all who care for them.

Google Maps will help disabled people

Unfortunately, this option is not yet available in all countries. However, over time, we hope the innovation will become widespread.

Whoosh! Vine will turn into a Vine Camera!

In October, Twitter announced that its service for creating looped Vine videos was closing. Now, representatives of the company said that the service will be closed, but the application itself will not go anywhere. Surprise! 

How is this possible? It's simple. The application will be renamed and subsequently will be rid of the ability to save videos to the cloud service. Now you can save it only on your phone or post directly to Twitter. In fact, the application is not closed, and became a little more local.

mark Zuckerberg and philosophical artificial intelligence

The founder of Facebook some time ago already announced his intention to create his own artificial intelligence for home needs. And immediately, many skeptics wondered - how does he do that? Like, this man camera in a laptop taped with tape, and then he was going to do one AI. However, there is progress: Zuckerberg now has Jarvis - II at home-an assistant of his own production.

AI Schema

In the process of communication with journalists, the CEO of Facebook told about what he had to face when developing.

As it turned out, some elements of the work were much easier than planned: for example, Zuckerberg did not have to write separate applications to work with the front doors - he used a bot in Facebook Messenger and taught him to recognize people from the social network. Other conquests of the programmer include the ability of Jarvis to learn - but only in some areas. For example, we are talking about music.

Light, heavy,moderate... Damn, this music is so hard!

Of course, not without difficulties. In some places the code to write still had. It also turned out that the AI is very difficult to perceive the context  - and the phrase that you need to turn on the air conditioning in "MY" office causes stupor assistant. According to Zuckerberg, the current speech recognition systems are little focused on speaking - they are all designed for clear commands.

Well, this way you can also recognize faces

The project is unlikely to appear on the market-Zuckerberg develops it only for personal needs and, apparently, openly boasts of it. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to completely exclude such a possibility either-what if his work will be so successful that he wants to share with everyone?

To be continued SDAs