Mobile world news from March 13 to March 19

Google Drive has received a number of new features.


Google announced a number of improvements for its “cloud” Google Drive. Improvements will affect business users. In addition, the company boasted that about 800 million people use the service daily. Not bad, google, not bad.


One of the main innovations was the so-called. File Stream is a function that synchronizes and saves the necessary documents in the background. Recall that this is not the first improvement proposed by the developers of Google Drive. Prior to that, Team Drive & nbsp; and Google Vault, a set of tools for managing and storing data for large enterprises, were launched.


Google Assistant is distributed


Google announced the expansion of the distribution of its voice assistant. From now on, Google Assistant will be available not only on Google’s own smartphones, but also on third-party products.

The principle of selection of devices with which cooperation is conducted is not completely clear: we can still understand Samsung, LG, but the Chinese Huawei? Especially after the company announced that it would add Amazon Alexa to its new competitor, Google Assistant.

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To install Google Assistant, you need Android at least Marshmallow and a screen resolution of at least 1280x750 with 1.5 GB of RAM.

Shazam no longer supports Windows 10

Alas, now the potential smartphone buyers have one more reason to pay less attention to Windows. Shazam is not going to be updated on Windows platforms. Most likely this is due to the low proportion of similar gadgets on the market.


It is noted that users who already have an installed application on their smartphone will be able to use it further - however, there will be no more updates and support. The application will work until it loses its compatibility with the system.


Uber equipped with a navigator

Now for taxi drivers in the Uber service, it will be easier to navigate around the city - a navigator has been added to the application. Now motorists do not have to switch between the application and any navigator - just one swipe on the smartphone screen.


In addition to the coordinates of the passenger, the Uber navigator also plotts the route of movement and shows data on street traffic. In the future we plan to expand the functionality.


Control on the line. Google helps parents find out how their children use smartphones.


Google introduced a new application that is designed to help parents control the use of smartphones by children. However, there is one BUT - children should also have Google accounts and smartphones on Android.


After setting up all the devices, parents will be able to block the operation of applications on children's smartphones, as well as prohibit downloading and opening this or that content. A list of the most frequently viewed applications is also present. The application also allows you to control the time spent at the smartphone: you can set the lock time or the number of hours allotted for use.