Mobile world news from April 10 to April 16

Adobe develops smart photo editor

Adobe is going to give its users the opportunity to re-edit their self-portraits. With the help of AI and machine learning, the new editor will allow you to change many parameters directly on the smartphone screen.

Among them - a slight change in perspective, depth of field, as well as a complete copy of the style.

When this photo editor will appear on the market is not known. Adobe is only “developing” it and is not reporting any exact dates.

Innovation from Google - decentralized learning AI

How did software improve in Google before? The answer is a long time. The information was collected in one place, analyzed and corrected as a result. The method is effective, however, to collect the necessary amount of information requires a monstrously long time. Currently, Google has decided to try a new technology.

Innovation from Google - decentralized learning AI

It is called federated learning. Its essence is that the system now does not collect data in one place, but improves the software directly directly on the user's smartphones. There are several advantages - 1) updates go faster 2) information does not leave the device, thus ensuring high data confidentiality. True, the question remains, how will Google generally systematize information? So far, it seems to us, this will be all the same data collection - but only about already modified applications.

Periscope and branded likes

In Periscope announced the program "Custom Hearts» (Custom Hearts). The essence of the program is the ability to redraw the likes displayed on the screen. Such is the non-standard image tool.

Periscope и брендированные лайки

So far, these “hearts” work only with broadcasts agreed with the owners of Periscope - Twitter. In addition, the innovation may be used in conjunction with the commercial at the beginning of the broadcast.

Instagram instagramme over messages

The Instagram service has simplified the messaging system by connecting the disappearing and permanent messages. Previously, they were displayed in different subsections - Instagram Direct: the disappearing ones were at the top of the screen, the standard ones - below.

Instagram instagramme over messages

Disappearing messages with photo and video content can be deleted after viewing. The changes were made with the intention to simplify communication in cases where the dialogues include too many disappearing messages.