Samsung C-Lab - new gadget information

The company Samsung, world-renowned thanks to exploding phones (and a number of other things), has introduced new developments from its own Creative Lab (C-Lab).

A few words about the lab itself

Currently, C-Lab seems to be working with the most fantastic and futuristic projects. At the same time, the laboratory is not limited to any field - they do everything from smart homes to wearable devices for children. However, the created gadgets are not yet available for sale - it seems that Samsung is just checking whether the market is interested in these updates or not. In a batch production the devices which have caused the greatest consumer interest will arrive. At least - this is one of the possible scenarios. But this is a matter for the future. In the meantime, we just have to submit a list of famous gadgets and imagine how these devices would make our lives easier.

  • FITT360


High-tech camera from the South Korean developer. The numbers "360" are not just listed: the angle of coverage of the camera is those same 360 ​​degrees. A feature of the device is its placement. Wear the device will need to head.

"And how to take a picture?" - A reasonable question may arise. "Do you really have to put your hand to your head every time?"

Now the bird will fly!

The developers have thought about this - you can control the camera without using your hands.

  • Ahead

Device for adults. However, for teenagers too. And if you still think - the children of rich parents, it is also suitable. The novelty is a small device that is mounted on a protective helmet (motorcycle or bicycle). With such a triangle on the head completely eliminates the need for any headsets. The device allows you to call, listen to music and receive voice messages.

Here is what it looks like.
However, as you can see from the picture, functionality is only one reason to buy a device (if it still appears on sale). Another reason may be the image: it is likely that cyclists and motorcyclists will buy a gadget just to look modern and cool.

  • ItsyWatch

If the past development was intended for people who are old enough to ride a bike / motorcycle, then ItsyWatch is designed exclusively for children.

In our childhood, this was not!

The device is an electronic pet. He needs to be fed, watered, walked ... Does it seem to us, or has something already happened?

Everything new is well forgotten old.

However, the new Tamagotchi is colored and made in the form of a wristwatch. It seems that the novelty has every chance of success.

Further in our article we will focus on applications.

  • Hum On!

In fact, this application was submitted much earlier - at South by Southwest (SXSW) 2016. Now, however, the development has apparently been decided to remind. The project is still at the beta testing stage, but it is already claiming victory in the nomination “The best application for a music lover with poor memory”. 

As you have probably guessed, the main feature of the application is to convert environmental sounds into melody. The results of our test turned out to be quite good: the program recognized our male "there-there-there-there-that-that-there-that-that-there" and transformed it into something similar to the Imperial March from Star Wars. Of course, it  does not reach the London Symphony Orchestra, but for a quick recording and running around a musical idea - great.

Download the beta version here

  • Waffle 

The second application, presented at SXSW 2016. “Waffle” is another social network. Of course, with its own twist - waffle has a fully graphic orientation. Simply put, the main occupation of users in this social network is to throw out photos and pictures on the wall to each other. These images are grouped and create a unique canvas. As a result, the user page turns into a beautiful and interesting composition.

 In theory, it looks quite interesting. But in practice, unfortunately, there may be failures. In the end, do not forget what country we live in.

  • LiCON 

Unfortunately, we failed to detect this application on the network, and therefore we limit ourselves to the description.
Judging by it, the development will be really useful. What is the point? The program is designed for easy management of devices from the concept of "Internet of things". Consider an example: you came to visit and see a newfangled and very smart device. For example, a smart TV. And suppose you urgently need to turn it down or louder. How to do it? Looking for a remote? Long.
This is where LiCON comes to the rescue. Take a picture of the TV through the application and after a couple of minutes the control interface of the wonderful TV will appear on the screen of your smartphone. The application recognizes the device by the picture and connects to it via the Internet. Thus it will be possible to control any device that supports this concept.

The war for the TV remote will reach a new level.

Of course, this is not all.
Company representatives slyly hint that this is only a small part of what their developers are working on. And we can only wait and hope for the best.