Artisto - the same Prisma, only for video.

The Prisma service has gained wide popularity and has contributed to the development of other similar photo editors for mobile platforms. One of these photo editors was the Vinci program from VKontakte. It does all the same, as Prisma (superimposes original art filters on images), but much faster. Now a new program has been released - it is called Artisto and was developed by Mail.Ru Group.

The essence of the program is the application of well-known filters not to photos, but to short videos.
“Artisto is a video editing and video effects application that can make you Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, and James Cameron,” reads the description.

We clarify: Artisto does not use already captured videos - the application allows you to record a clip for 5 seconds and then process it.
The current version is ready to provide 14 unique filters.