• Martin Mikaelsen, Trackunit A/S
    Trackunit A/S
    The first time we worked with the Evapps team when, due to the growing popularity of the iPhone and Android-devices, we decided that monitoring the location of cars for our fleet monitoring system can be arranged without using special devices. We did not have our own programmers to solve this problem, so we had to use the services of a third-party company. The choice was difficult, but on the recommendation of colleagues we turned to Evapps. I must say, we were surprised. The applications were written very quickly and the level of quality completely satisfied us. I did not interfere with the language barrier - we spoke fluently in English.

    The abandonment of special devices allowed us to reduce the prices of services, and the freed up production capacities to use for the production of other equipment.

    Our decision aroused great interest among colleagues. Needless to say, this time we recommended the Evapps team already quite consciously. Later we came up with a unique solution that allows us to optimize the performance of pavers. This was already more complicated than the previous tasks. Of course, we have entrusted the realization of the idea to Evapps. And they coped, and at the proper level! At the moment we are one of the few companies in Denmark offering similar services.

    I'd like to say a special thanks to Evapps Director, Vadim, and to the project manager for his professional approach and friendly attitude. Sometimes we did not understand what we wanted from our applications, but we were always helped to figure it out. Good work, guys!
  • Federal Customs Service
    Federal executive body. He is engaged in supervision and supervision in the field of customs affairs, and also acts as an agent of currency control. In addition, the organization deals with the fight against smuggling, as well as other crimes and administrative violations.
  • Tricolor TV
    The largest Russian operator of digital television, the leader of the Russian market of paid TV.

    The only Russian television provider broadcasting a commercial package of 3 TV channels in Ultra High Definition format Ultra HD (4K). In total, there are more than 250 TV channels and radio stations in the European broadcasting zone (of which more than 35 are in Full HD format).
  • TEKO
    The leading online store of video recorders in Russia. The company works in the production and sale of security and fire equipment and access control systems. The market coverage is constantly growing and today the company offers its products practically all over the country.
  • Rosvodokanal
    The largest Russian private operator in water supply and sanitation. Under the management of Rosvodokanal, seven regional water utilities operate in Russia, serving more than 5 million consumers in five federal districts, cities with over a million population and major industrial centers: Omsk, Voronezh, Tyumen, Krasnodar, Orenburg, Barnaul, and Tver. Rosvodokanal manages infrastructure on the basis of long-term lease and concession.
  • Solve IT Labs
    The company is an IT-ausourcing with a central office in San Francisco. The company works with clients from Russia, offering high quality and lower prices than competitors.
  • Brian Stafford
    Opt It Inc.
    We have been working with evAPPs for 8 years already. We have a highly loaded advertising service SMS and MMC mailings, which works with huge amounts of data and high demands on reliability and availability. Over the years, the amount of data has increased significantly, and the burden on the service has increased and continues to increase. We started developing the service ourselves, but at some point it became clear that we do not have enough hands to implement all those improvements that were required in connection with the popularization of our services and business growth. We started looking for partners. We needed a sufficiently reliable and experienced team that could support and develop our product. We chose evAPPs. During the years of joint work, evAPPs specialists realized a lot of new functions for our service, and also improved its reliability and productivity. With them, we feel safe, and our business has a solid base for further growth.
  • Tuomas Saarelainen
    Mobimus Ltd.
    EvAPPs have done a lot of web projects for us. It is noteworthy that according to the specifics of our business, all of them should be in Finnish, which our Russian colleagues do not own. Initially, this language barrier caused serious fears - it is difficult to work on a site, information you can not read and understand. However, after the first joint project, all fears were dispelled. Over time, it even began to seem to us that they learned Finnish. In general, the guys are great.
  • iBuildApp
    Free service, providing the opportunity to create a mobile application for iOS and Android. There is an opportunity to publish and promote the application.
  • Horizon navigation
    Center of expert solutions in the field of GPS navigation systems. The company has software for some of the world's first car navigators, more than 100 patents and a growing list of partners around the world.
  • Homsbox
    One of the most popular discount websites in runet. A huge number of different offers from partner companies, coverage almost throughout the country.
  • HomeAway Software
    Software company. The main specialization of the company is the creation of software for rental and lease. In its industry, the company is one of the leading and gradually its influence on the market is growing.
  • William Brant
    Directoryservices, Inc / GreytowerIdentity, Inc
    Our company works in a complex industry: we are engaged in consulting in the field of ensuring the integration and security of IT infrastructures of large organizations. Anyone who has encountered such a thing understands that for small organizations such a task is trivial. But with the growth of the infrastructure to the size of the corporation, the complexity of integrating various systems for ensuring data integrity between heterogeneous services (and also the complexity of ensuring all of this) grows like a snowball.

    In such conditions, security becomes a headache for the company, and its provision is a huge set of measures. Yes, and there is something to protect. Going back a bit, I will say that our first experience with Evapps was related to the creation of a tool for tracking mail correspondence and blocking unwanted emails. It's no secret that most of the cases of information leakage from companies occur through the fault of its employees - knowingly or accidentally. Postal correspondence can easily be one of these leakage channels.

    After the successful completion and launch of the mail filtering project, several large companies became interested in our services. This gave us an excellent base for creating our flagship product GreyTower. This is a unified system that unites all 3 of our main areas: integration, data integrity and security. We have not yet experienced the implementation of such large-scale and multifaceted projects. The product consists of the following parts: an administrative web interface, modules installed on client machines and a mobile application for users and administrators for smartphones and tablets based on iOS and Android. The project was designed for about 4 years, and with it we turned to the already proven Evapps team.

    As a result, the product was created and launched in less than 3 years! I must say that the creation of such a product has been our dream since the company was founded, but we did not know how and with whom to implement it. The Evapps team helped make our dream a reality. Thank you very much, Evapps!
  • Ecora
    The company is a supplier of professional paint and varnish products and finishing materials under its own trademarks. In addition, the company is engaged in the supply of various materials for painting and repair.
  • Sergey Svezhintsev
    CTI Soft
    With evAPPs, we have been cooperating for a long time and are developing software solutions to support the work of call centers based on Asterisk. These are rather complex solutions with branched business logic and high requirements for reliability. Imagine what will happen if in an organization of 200 or more people at once all the phones stop working. It will be a disaster. At the moment, our solutions have been successfully implemented and are working in more than 30 different organizations in Russia and the countries of the former USSR. Our further plans are to reach the international level.
  • Nathan Moshkovich
    ClearLine Mobile
    With evAPPs we have created many different projects. Some of them were fairly large, others relatively small. Regardless of the size of the project, the team has always demonstrated excellent results and high quality of performance. Separately, I would like to note the timing of the execution of projects. They were kept accurate to 1 day, which helped me plan the timing of the launch of projects and marketing on my side. I am very pleased with our experience of working together and continue to work with this company.
  • Cell-Partners
    Software company. Specialization - development of solutions for large stores and companies. An additional direction is the development of mobile applications.
  • Brocade
    The company develops advanced solutions in the industry for storage networks, data centers, service providers and corporate networks. The offer portfolio includes FC / FCoE switches and routers and Ethernet / IP / MPLS, software and other products.
  • Bazelevs
    Film company. One of the leaders of the Russian market for the production of video advertising and feature films. It was created in 1994 by the director and producer Timur Bekmambetov.
  • Archimize Ltd.
    I have been working with evAPPs for more than 3 years. We are engaged in the development of highly-loaded financial services and trading platforms. As a person with more than 15 years of experience in IT, I can say with confidence that not every team can be entrusted with the development of such systems. Many people simply can not cope with this task. The requirements for our solutions are very tough in terms of reliability, scalability and performance. Judge for yourself, we work with money, and exchange rates can change every second. The evAPPs team helped me to cope with this difficult task. Several of our services are already running and serving thousands of customers in real time. The result is impressive. All this is achieved through highly qualified developers, managers and, of course, quality assurance staff. At the moment, we are discussing the development of another high-loaded financial service. And I'm sure that the team will cope with it.